Gordo for website

“A call to arms, a trumpet of doom,” is how a reviewer once described my work. Language and image have a symbiotic relationship in my art, which seesaws between political activism and personal reflection. Many pieces are commentaries on social issues dear to me. Others are an outlet for my frustration struggling with a body that turned against me.

Though the ideas behind my work begin with a clear intention of indicting societal ills or sharing personal history, I often infuse it with levity through pop culture, bright imagery and what some refer to as my signature sarcasm.

Beginning my career as a painter, mixed media artist and educator, I gravitated toward printmaking and book arts. I’ve been fortunate to have earned recognition for my art – such as inclusion in The Best of Printmaking, An International Collection – and to have become a familiar name in the letterpress and book arts worlds.

However, the focus on my art and my teaching took a back seat to a career in college administration. This period wasn’t completely devoid of art making. In 2007, I was honored to be one of nine artists from around the world invited to participate in the first International Printmaking Workshop at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in Xi’an, China.

Newly retired from my career as an administrator, I’m excited to be reentering the realm of artists and artist-educators full time.